Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter weekend Videos

It's getting harder to video Matthew as he never, ever stops moving. EVER. However, we took a few last weekend and of those he managed to be in the scene for at least a few. Here he is being all boy and driving the playground equipment:

And here he is a little confused as he listened to the Arapaho creation story at the Historic Trails Museum as told by William C'Hair.

He loved the museum. Here's a compilation of him exploring 3 exhibits. First, he and daddy rode in the covered wagon as they forded the river. Then Matthew set out a camp and demonstrated the forces that most likely created the most hardship for the settlers (toddlers!) and finished up with his favorite activity of all - sending telegraphs. The interactive was a really cool way to explain telegraphs to a texting generation, but most important to Matthew it made a lot of noise, had lights and moved!

And finally, here's the little dude unpacking his Play-doh fun from the Easter bunny:

And this picture was part of a very unsuccessful and blurry movie as Matthew was headed off to check out the fish/ducks. He looks so grown-up and corporate-like holding his "coffee" cup with one hand while in his dress up outfit I had to share it.

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