Sunday, April 3, 2011


Apparently we brought back a death plague from WY last weekend (or brought one to WY, I'm not sure.) The little dude missed the whole week from daycare with a high fever, hacking cough and what we eventually discovered was a double ear infection. He's been pretty miserable and non-photogenic. James and I have been propping ourselves up with OTC drugs and antibiotics. It was my last concert weekend which is a pretty non-negotiable thing for me with regards to missing work.

On the Sundays of my concert weekend, James and Matthew come help pack away the concert stuff and afterward we celebrate by going out to some family-chain restaurant where they will bring me glass after glass of water and soda and some sort of comfort food. Today's choice was my absolute favorite, BBQ. Someone was dressed rather appropriately for the occasion in his little overalls and dug right in. Luckily I still had my work camera in my pocket!

We have an exciting visitor this coming week and aren't all whiny and snotty anymore so hopefully we'll be back to more pictures and videos. He's learning so much so quickly and has a great sense of humor (when he's feeling well), I'd like to capture more of this stage before he's a walking/running, talking machine.

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