Thursday, May 5, 2011

3rd time's a charm!

Well, maybe 5th time. Apparently there's something in my iPhoto-Blogger-Gmail hack that doesn't like it when I rotate photos so it just doesn't post them. Anyway, here are the terribly backlit photos of us dyeing eggs last weekend. No promises when I get around to posting video, but it was also sufficiently cute. Matthew is a very serious kid and was surprisingly careful.

All in all, only one egg got cracked a little. We use an old set of teacups Grandma Jennie kept for the purpose of dyeing eggs and one of them is a bit deeper than the rest. Once we resolved that issue our very methodical little guy did a very nice job experimenting with colors. James and I were on spill patrol because of the rental carpet so we turned the whole thing over to the little guy and skipped the fancy oiled eggs this year. Here's just some good old fashioned hand-dipped eggs.

Then on Sunday we hid eggs for Matthew at the little park at our apartment. He had a blast finding them.

And lining them up.

Then this week as I was busy with my last big event of the year I think Matthew started missing out on Skypeing. He took it upon himself to try and give it a shot one night

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