Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catching Up

In the midst of all our life chaos, I've embraced the bad habits of my family and Matthew's inheritance of them(or delicious depending on how you look at it). I snagged a roast chicken the other night and after watching me pick at the delicious crispy outside, Matthew followed suit. Watch out grandpa and Uncle Matt, you now have super cute competition for the skin next Thanksgiving!

Though I had already removed most of the deliciousness, he still found the chicken to be quite tasty:

And here's 1 of the 3 videos I uploaded to Youtube from Easter. This one is Matthew helping get the dyes ready. Apparently I need to set up all new hacks for my posting as nothing seems to be working smoothly the past few weeks. Karmic payback for slacking on the blog I suppose.

And finally, we had about 2 hours of nice spring (as compared to rainy/cold spring) last weekend and headed to the dinosaur park. Matthew had a blast and exhausted James and I since he's decided he's too cool for the tot lot and wants to hang out in the big kid section and run screaming and giggling after the bigger kids who are running and screaming.

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