Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maternity "Shoot"

"Shoot" i.e. a synonym for "damn!" may be the best word to describe our photo attempts. I figured since my days are numbered, PLUS I was "dressed up" for work AND Matthew had a new shirt to model from Grandma Sheryl I'd try some DIY photo attempts of me and him and the baby belly with the help of the self-timer. Matthew insisted on helping hit the button for every shot and hilarity ensued, but very few decent pics resulted. Here's the results fit to share:

As Matthew saw me back up against the wall he insisting he stand in the corner. He found the self-timer hilarious and was intent on getting himself "set" for the shot just like mommy instead of standing anywhere near me:

I finally got smart and tackled him!

My helper! (Soon I'll have a whole album of shots like these!)

Matthew gives the baby kisses:

Rushing to check the camera:

Another well tackled snugglebear with no belly in sight!

Standard cheesy maternity pose waiting on Matthew as he insisted on pushing the buttons. (The other 95 shots he took were pretty much close-ups of his own sleeve).

Story break:

My little goober:

And last but not least an attempt at a family shot:

And on an unrelated but amusing note, while I was making dinner and still had the camera handy, Matthew discovered the simple joy of the motorboat.

And some bonus profile shots because I kinda regret the lack of pregnancy photos when I was carrying Matthew and decided to suck it up and take some of my crazy largeness.

And after some very scientific googling on Old Wive's Tales, here's what the conventional wisdom says about the gender of the baby. Hopefully we'll get our real result soon enough:

Carrying High - Girl
Low Heartrate - Boy
Salty cravings - Boy
Cold Feet - Boy (though admittedly it's been winter here my entire pregnancy so I'm not sure this one is fair)
Ring over belly swings in circles - Boy

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  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    You look great Heather!
    Love Dad and Mom


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