Sunday, May 22, 2011

Matthew and Music

Our Mom's Club hosted a demo session for Music Together this week. Bozeman has Kindermusik, Music Together and Music Lingua classes for kids his age and I've been waffling among the three for a while. He had a ton of fun and I think he's just about to where we could commit to a class. He certainly loves singing and dancing! (And could he be any cuter in the new shirt from grandma Watson!!)

He also loves singing along with me and James to some of his favorite stories. Though I hate the sound of my voice on video (who doesn't!) I've been working to capture Matthew's early reading (and will gratuitously share for grandma and grandpa in the meantime). I'm obviously an unbiased proud momma who thinks her son is a genius, but mostly I still like to go back and read about early language acquisition and pre-reading from my ed school days and find this phase of development absolutely fascinating and am okay using my own son as a guinea pig. Here he is helping me sing "Wheels on the Bus":

And here he is dancing with his belated Easter toy from Grandma and Grandpa Pozun. The boy certainly loves to dance:

I love that he dances like an awkward middle schooler and I hope that never, ever changes. I just know there'll be trouble when he develops the smooth moves of his daddy, I mean, I was apparently a sucker for them :-)

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