Saturday, May 28, 2011

Uncle Matt's Visit

Uncle Matt came out for the long weekend so little Matt decided to take him to one of our favorite spots, the Museum of the Rockies. First he introduced him to Big Mike:

I tried to get little man to show Uncle Matt the Yellowstone room - but he gave the geysers the side eye:

And though he had a lot of fun ummm, "helping" Uncle Matt with his mask (which luckily is very, very soft!)

But mostly he really, really, really wanted to show Uncle Matt the frog exhibit. He checked out the tomato frogs:

And the super creepy Waxy Monkey Frogs:

And this African Bullfrog that is not only giant, but has yet to move in the past month which makes it super easy for little man to spot:

Then he wanted Uncle Matt's help to show him the frogs (hooray for having someone else to lift the not-so-little guy):

All in all another excellent visit and with the help of some Skype excitement that evening, I think we wore both Matts out!

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