Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekend of Wind

Bozeman had winds of 30-60 miles an hour all weekend. The good news was that the winds kept the skies blue and clear. Sadly, this just made every step out the door a lesson in disappointment as it was just miserable to go out. Instead we stayed in, tackled laundry and I tried to find a much better way to streamline my blogging process. As I've tried to keep this a close to zero dollar hobby I've been resistant to put any $ into software or subscriptions other than our domain name. However, all the extra steps I was using to get media off my camera and online were time-consuming, fraught with error and annoying. Since time is something I anticipate having little of once the baby gets here and newborns are far more suited for sharing by blog than Skype, I'm testing out some new methods. Bear with me if I end up sending error posts to your feed reader for a bit.

Aside from our family needing to make multiple trips back to the optometrist all weekend, the other errand we "had" to do was to take a poster back to Dairy Queen for my work (some errands are best left un-delegated.) It just so happened to be $.50 "small" cone day on Saturday so we headed out. Matthew didn't seem to mind joining in one bit:

However, he's still undecided about his feelings of my getting back to taking more pictures

We did go out and brave the wind to check out a new park. It had lots of trees which I thought might help with the wind. I was wrong and though Matthew refused to leave his hood on, he didn't seem to notice the temps. and wind and was pretty content getting out to run and slide:

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