Monday, June 13, 2011

Because I'm the Mom :-)

here are more gratuitous photos of Catherine. She might just be one of the few second children for whom there are more pictures than the first. I'm sure this will fade fast (I mean, Matthew's had the blog all to himself for 2 years) but for right now the combination of a healthy baby and healthier mom this time around mean far more energy for goofing around with my camera.

Here's lots of cute pics of Catherine's alert time:

And if you want to look at them individually (hi grandparents!) they are here.

And some of her and big brother the other day. I'm pretty certain they'll be teenagers before I manage to get the "little sister" and "big brother" shirts clean on the same day for pictures.

And one last snuggle with "Mas" Watson before she and "Pas" left today. Matthew sure misses them. One day soon I'm sure he'll tell you all about everything he did with them. Matthew sure did give them the insider's tour of Bozeman.

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