Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Brother

Yesterday, baby Catherine received this gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my office. While she was zonkered out, I decided to play around and take pics. Thank goodness a friend of mine will be doing real newborn/family pics soon as I just don't have the artistic eye that captures all her wrinkly, squishy goodness. Even though the sheepskin is covering most of it (I figured Catherine would be more cooperative this way) the trunk she is on was her great grandma Jennie's trunk that I hope to pass on to her one day.

Matthew took a turn at holding Catherine today. At first he was uncertain, then he hammed it up.

Then he tried to make the baby smile by sticking his tongue out and being silly. It didn't work but he sure had fun.

Now I've created a baby-holding monster as he climbs up next to me while I'm nursing and pats his lap asking for the baby.

And some more alert baby face:

And though I can't update you on all the awesome things Matthew did while we were at the hospital as I think grandpa took mostly video and I forgot to ask for copies, here's some of my favorite pictures grandpa took while he was here:

And here's the red-necked grebe (aka "guck") we walk down to the lake to check on pretty much every day. No changes to report from our walk today.

I wasn't the only one who did a lot of walking while we waited for Catherine's arrival.

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