Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hopefully while you are reading this I'm in labor . . .

If not, here's more of what we've been up to waiting for baby Watson to grace us with his/her presence. Admittedly because the last month-ish of this pregnancy have been far different than with Matthew I'm now allowing the possibility that this is a little girl to enter my thoughts.

Anyway, I've been listening and trying to take everyone's advice about how to get this baby out, so each day my suggested activity has involved a walk.

First, we headed out to the Fish Tech Center where Matthew showed everyone around:

Then we came home and he helped Uncle Ed on his computer:

And we headed back out for more walking. I even tried using the swingsets, but instead of starting labor it just made me nauseous. The boys didn't seem to mind:

Matthew explored the "house" at the new natural playground:

And gave rock climbing a shot. Frighteningly he was able to get both feet off the ground:

Most importantly though, he showed Uncle Ed how to "splash" with rocks:

When all that walking didn't help, Matthew tried to show off what a good big brother he'll make by playing peek-a-boo with his baby:

And then he tried to keep mama entertained with one of his new favorite activity, play-doh snakes!

Unfortunately, thus far it looks like none of this has helped, but we've had a good time trying.

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