Friday, June 10, 2011

It's a Girl!

James, Matthew and I are proud to welcome Catherine Jennie Watson to the family!   Though her pregnancy started out just like her brother's the ending was nothing like it!  She's a stubborn procrastinator, just like her momma.  Short story long, I woke up at 1:15am thinking I might be having consistent contractions (unlike everything I've had for the past 2 weeks that petered out after a few hours).  By the time I realized that if I couldn't time them they might be a little close it was 2:40ish and we headed to the hospital.  We arrived at 2:50am and I had a moment where I though she might be born while I was leaned up against a construction barrier.    I'd guess my midwife arrived at 3:05a and at 3:13am Catherine was born.  She was 8 lbs, 11 oz. and 21 inches long.  We didn't have time to grab much of anything from the car, but we finally got pictures taken in recovery.  I'm still in a bit of shock about having a girl! 

Matthew gets ready to meet his new sister.  (Unfortunately he picked up a virus on one of our fun adventures this week so we're being extra careful about germs). 

Proud grandparents:

Thanks to everyone for their love and support this past week and throughout.  I've been an anti-social bear and a half to be around (James and his parents have especially been absolute saints about my gnarly demeanor!) but your calls and texts and messages meant the world to us, even if I didn't return them :/   

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