Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Yellowstone Fun!

Here's the one wolf who decided he didn't need to sleep while we were at the Wolf and Grizzly Center:

My uncooperative picture-posing child:

My super cooperative picture-posing child:

Catherine and the big bear:

Again, note the levels of cooperation:

Okay, so maybe Catherine wasn't being cooperative, maybe she was just totally freaked out by the thing:

So much so that she needed a nap with Daddy when we stopped for lunch:

After this you can imagine the standard mix of Yellowstone pictures of hot springs, buffalo (Boose in Matthew's words), elk etc. We had a nice drive, took some nice walks and I more importantly learned I can handle a day trip with the kids . . . of course when I have 3 extra adults on hand! Wyoming here we come!

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