Friday, June 17, 2011

Not a bad day

Happy 1 week birthday Catherine! It's been an exciting week. She's already quite the social butterfly and went to big brother's playgroup and had her first play date this week. Granted, she sleeps through most of these things but still, it's a start.  

James worked from home today so instead of being stuck in traffic this morning he got extra baby snuggles

and big brother crawling-climbing-kicking-elbowing over in the cutest way to say hi to Catherine.

Matthew also thought it was a good time to give momma's (thankfully decaf) coffee a try:

Amidst the craziness of yesterday, we tested out our gorgeous new sling I got at our baby shower.  Catherine approved by immediately falling asleep:

Matthew's learning a lot about baby care and is in a very intense mimicking phase.  He's a little frustrated as he still can't figure out how to get the nursing pads to stay in his shirt like momma but he certainly likes to try.  (I promise grandmas he has other shirts but now that I do laundry eighty billion more times a day the clean shirt at the top of the pile always seems to be this one!)

And last but not least, some pics of Catherine waking up (in B&W because my camera/flash/lighting turned her an alien color that made it less cute!)

Happy Friday everyone!  We're just anxiously awaiting the arrival of amma and papa tomorrow! 

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