Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes no news really is just no news.

(Dramatic Subtitle: OMG! GET THIS THING OUT OF MEEEEE!!!!!)

If this post reaches the interwebz Thursday AM it means I still haven't had this baby and I'm past 41 weeks. I've pawned off my parenting and picture taking duties to grandma and grandpa (which I'll likely be able to share eventually). We've had one false alarm (as in contractions close enough to call the midwife and give her a heads up) so James took off work and then nothing. Since my water broke without a contraction for Matthew, this whole prodromal labor thing's a whole new ballgame. I'm pretty certain having my water break in front of all our donors at my last work event would have been far, far preferable to this on-again, off-again experience.

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