Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

I can't believe its been two years!  Two years ago I couldn't imagine this:

might turn into this handsome and devilishly ornery boy (note to self: starting dinner during painting is not advised.  Also, no good ever comes from too much quiet):

And here's just a small sampling of my favorite pictures from each month of the past year:


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deja Vu

This past weekend we participated in the fundraising hike we did last year on James' company team.  The trail and details of the event were similar to last year, only this year we had at least an extra 12 pounds or so of kid to haul up the mountain.  I won't lie, we were incredibly slow, but at 6 weeks post-partum and with 2 kids I think we did well.   I took the lightweight but harder to please child:

While James carried the heavier, but completely fascinated by every little thing on the trail child.

Matthew did a good job hiking on his own for a while, but his meandering toddler pace would have made the hike 3 miles longer and about 6 hours longer.  Skinned knees and all the boy really prefers walking on his own to being carried most of the time and really liked pointing out all the lellow flowers along the way.  He's at a stage where his only volume setting is extremely loud, so at least he kept some passing hikers entertained.

After a successful hike up, a nice lunch at the top (seriously, if you have kids lunch should always be waiting for you at the top of a hike.  it was awesome) and some music and toddler dancing, it was time to head back down.  We opted to take the ski lift again so we could maybe hit naptime.  Matthew thought it was pretty cool

Catherine was not so impressed and unfortunately, tucked away too low for the family picture, but rest assured she's under that blur of white blanket in the lower corner:

And though I love a sleeping baby, the next best thing is watching the expressions and body language of a peacefully waking up baby:

And just for scale, Catherine hanging out with Bacon:


Sunday, July 24, 2011


After our ridiculous heat wave, it cooled off quite a bit the other day and it was time for me to dress my children again.  In the great Pozun tradition of her mother:

her brother:


her mama's Papa:

her Papa:

her great aunts and uncles:

and her Papa's Papas:

it was time for Catherine's first pair of overalls:

Friday, July 22, 2011

6 weeks of fun!

I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks since we brought Catherine home! She's developing quite the little personality and though she reminds me of her brother in a lot of ways (I apparently don't make babies that will nurse or sleep anywhere if there's anything remotely interesting to look at) she's definitely developing her own personality.

Though big for her age and for being a girl, looking back she's still a peanut compared to her brother. She's also far more laid back than I remember Matthew being and has more quiet, alert time than he did, though admittedly even 3 mins. feels like more that what Matthew had.

Anyway, here's a fun look back at her first 6 weeks and some fond memories of Matthew's first few weeks. Soon I'll do a comparison of her parents/family as babies so we can answer/debate the ongoing questions of who she looks like (which personally, I'm terrible at!). Any family members willing to email me baby photos for comparison are more than welcome to do so!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smiles, Fun and Funny

Maybe my sense of humor is skewed, but I walked into the bathroom the other afternoon and found this and it just cracks me up:

Apparently the minions needed an important meeting.

In other news it's frickin' hot here (on an east coast scale that means it's mildly uncomfortable for a few hours each day without AC).  Therefore my children spend most of the day in just their diapers, or their diapers and pajama shirt they insist on putting on before nap.  We got a treat the other day when Matthew got a super fun early birthday present

That was protecting my late birthday present.  No really, he did get an early birthday present, I'm just saving it for next week so in the meantime he played with this.  He also left it in the floor when I had someone stop in to buy my old phone.  He inadvertantly stepped on it and I've never seen a grown man jump like that :-)  While that was also a treat, the real treat was my late bday present from the Watsons- new dishes like these:

Which thankfully I love even more in person since it took me a month to decide on the pattern since I can't find any locally.  The real excitment is now we can have company and I don't need to worry about doing dishes 3 times a day so we have enough plates. 

Here's Catherine during tummy time.  She has a much higher tolerance of it than Matthew ever did.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing because I'm cool with her waiting a while to move independently.  I still haven't adjusted to Matthew's mobility and rate of house destruction. 

And I'm officially calling it, we have our first "real" smile!  I thought we maybe had one a few weeks ago since I thought this smile was in response to my voice:

But then she let one rip (sorry future Catherine, it's true that little girls do this!) and I couldn't take credit for that one. 

However, this next one was all mine!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Fun!

Sunday it was Daddy's turn to go to the pool.  Catherine and I took a walk and took some pictures.  Matthew was having tons of fun!

Being silly after blowing bubbles:

Matthew's gone from being hesitant about the pool to requesting a trip there everytime he sees his innertube.  He's also started jumping in the pool.  Too bad I was zoning out the conversation behind me and didn't realize how prominent it was since Matthew's noises while he jumps/falls are soooo cute!

Catherine enjoyed just chilling out:

Since the kids seem to be on opposite nap schedules recently (for better or worse) I get lots of individual time with each of them.  Matthew and I had a great time painting while Catherine took her long nap.

And then we did his next favorite activity which is dropping landscaping rocks in a bucket and dumping water out of the bucket.

Which was absolutely necessary since someone was a bit messy with his painting:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video Backlog and Misc. Cute

Some fun videos that have been sitting around:

Matthew likes when Grandpa does "Spider Spider" to him in the car, but he really LOVES it when grandpa does "Spider Spider" with super-ticklish Amma. Now he's ready for Catherine to start playing:

And here's Catherine doing some tummy time on the Boppy pillow. The perspective makes her head look frickin' huge, but I promise last we she's huge, but she's at least proportionally huge at this point, like her brother was. Her brother at almost 2, however, is a totally different story with his giant head.

And here's Catherine rocking her cow dress from Uncle Matt. She has a love/hate relationship with the bows on the shoulders and spent much of the day either trying to nom them, or being frustrated because she was inadvertently nomming them.

During Catherine's 10-20 mins. of non-nursing, awake time Matthew is pretty jazzed to have Catherine sit in his lap.

From July
Though his squirmy-ness when she does is becoming a bit of a problem
From July
This weekend has been awesome so far. The kids and I took a nice hike/walk on the lookout for Matthew's favorite animals while James golfed *cough* drank *cough*:
From July
This afternoon I got some good Matthew and Mommy time in while we took our first trip to the pool. Like everything it took him a while to warm up, but 20 minutes later, for better or worse, he was jumping in like a mad man, dunking his head and rocking the innertube/floatie. Meanwhile, James got some quality time with Catherine and I came home to find this:
From July

Oh yeah

The rest of the pictures from our family/newborn photo shoot are posted here:

The password is Catherine.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach Babies

We finally had a lazy weekend at home.  After a month of awesome guests and travel and waaaaaayyyy too much eating out, it was time to just chill.  One lingering event from our month of visitors is Matthew's daily routine of going to check out the "gucks", throw "wocks" and "spash".  Like clockwork, every afternoon he begins repeating these words insistently, putting his hat on and if it's a day I've let him run around without pants, he'll insist on pants and shoes as well.  I'm still not as fun as the grandparents and he's not a huge fan of bringing Catherine along, but I've been trying to make it out each day to go check on his ducks.  Saturday we decided on a special treat of going down to the rec area again where there are plenty of his favorite things.  Catherine was ready to hang out in the shade

and after our mostly unsuccessful trip last year, I was worried Matthew's experience might be the same.  However, after about 20 minutes of standing near the water silently observing, he was ready.  Then it was lots of exploring, splashing and wading. 

Mr. Baywatch

And I'm not sure what he was doing but I love the face he's making:

Not the best picture of him and Daddy but cute nonetheless. 

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