Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach Babies

We finally had a lazy weekend at home.  After a month of awesome guests and travel and waaaaaayyyy too much eating out, it was time to just chill.  One lingering event from our month of visitors is Matthew's daily routine of going to check out the "gucks", throw "wocks" and "spash".  Like clockwork, every afternoon he begins repeating these words insistently, putting his hat on and if it's a day I've let him run around without pants, he'll insist on pants and shoes as well.  I'm still not as fun as the grandparents and he's not a huge fan of bringing Catherine along, but I've been trying to make it out each day to go check on his ducks.  Saturday we decided on a special treat of going down to the rec area again where there are plenty of his favorite things.  Catherine was ready to hang out in the shade

and after our mostly unsuccessful trip last year, I was worried Matthew's experience might be the same.  However, after about 20 minutes of standing near the water silently observing, he was ready.  Then it was lots of exploring, splashing and wading. 

Mr. Baywatch

And I'm not sure what he was doing but I love the face he's making:

Not the best picture of him and Daddy but cute nonetheless. 

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