Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deja Vu

This past weekend we participated in the fundraising hike we did last year on James' company team.  The trail and details of the event were similar to last year, only this year we had at least an extra 12 pounds or so of kid to haul up the mountain.  I won't lie, we were incredibly slow, but at 6 weeks post-partum and with 2 kids I think we did well.   I took the lightweight but harder to please child:

While James carried the heavier, but completely fascinated by every little thing on the trail child.

Matthew did a good job hiking on his own for a while, but his meandering toddler pace would have made the hike 3 miles longer and about 6 hours longer.  Skinned knees and all the boy really prefers walking on his own to being carried most of the time and really liked pointing out all the lellow flowers along the way.  He's at a stage where his only volume setting is extremely loud, so at least he kept some passing hikers entertained.

After a successful hike up, a nice lunch at the top (seriously, if you have kids lunch should always be waiting for you at the top of a hike.  it was awesome) and some music and toddler dancing, it was time to head back down.  We opted to take the ski lift again so we could maybe hit naptime.  Matthew thought it was pretty cool

Catherine was not so impressed and unfortunately, tucked away too low for the family picture, but rest assured she's under that blur of white blanket in the lower corner:

And though I love a sleeping baby, the next best thing is watching the expressions and body language of a peacefully waking up baby:

And just for scale, Catherine hanging out with Bacon:


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