Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Fun!

Sunday it was Daddy's turn to go to the pool.  Catherine and I took a walk and took some pictures.  Matthew was having tons of fun!

Being silly after blowing bubbles:

Matthew's gone from being hesitant about the pool to requesting a trip there everytime he sees his innertube.  He's also started jumping in the pool.  Too bad I was zoning out the conversation behind me and didn't realize how prominent it was since Matthew's noises while he jumps/falls are soooo cute!

Catherine enjoyed just chilling out:

Since the kids seem to be on opposite nap schedules recently (for better or worse) I get lots of individual time with each of them.  Matthew and I had a great time painting while Catherine took her long nap.

And then we did his next favorite activity which is dropping landscaping rocks in a bucket and dumping water out of the bucket.

Which was absolutely necessary since someone was a bit messy with his painting:

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