Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sad Pilgrims, Supermodels and Rocking Out

Kids are funny. Especially when they are learning to dress themselves and end up looking like a modern pilgrim.

(I have no idea what the pout is for, but probably was a result of my wanting to take his picture instead of heading outside to go see the "gucks" "wocks" "panes" and to go "spash" as fast as possible.)

As much as Catherine reminds me a lot of Matthew as a baby, she's definitely all girl. Look at this cutie with her supermodel poses. I'm ready now to lock her up until she's 30.

Well, maybe she's goofy and nerdy like the rest of us and I won't have to worry too much!

And last but not least, 2 videos of our little rocks star. Last week Matthew got an awesome big brother gift from some good friends in Cheyenne. He LOVES it! He tested Papa's memory of all the nursery rhymes and insisted Papa sing along over and over. Then Matthew added some new moves to his awkward white man dance, twirling and waving his arms like he's a bronc rider. Hilarity ensues.

And most recently Matthew added the rolled eyes and shaking head as he rocked out to Old MacDonald with Daddy.

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