Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smiles, Fun and Funny

Maybe my sense of humor is skewed, but I walked into the bathroom the other afternoon and found this and it just cracks me up:

Apparently the minions needed an important meeting.

In other news it's frickin' hot here (on an east coast scale that means it's mildly uncomfortable for a few hours each day without AC).  Therefore my children spend most of the day in just their diapers, or their diapers and pajama shirt they insist on putting on before nap.  We got a treat the other day when Matthew got a super fun early birthday present

That was protecting my late birthday present.  No really, he did get an early birthday present, I'm just saving it for next week so in the meantime he played with this.  He also left it in the floor when I had someone stop in to buy my old phone.  He inadvertantly stepped on it and I've never seen a grown man jump like that :-)  While that was also a treat, the real treat was my late bday present from the Watsons- new dishes like these:

Which thankfully I love even more in person since it took me a month to decide on the pattern since I can't find any locally.  The real excitment is now we can have company and I don't need to worry about doing dishes 3 times a day so we have enough plates. 

Here's Catherine during tummy time.  She has a much higher tolerance of it than Matthew ever did.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing because I'm cool with her waiting a while to move independently.  I still haven't adjusted to Matthew's mobility and rate of house destruction. 

And I'm officially calling it, we have our first "real" smile!  I thought we maybe had one a few weeks ago since I thought this smile was in response to my voice:

But then she let one rip (sorry future Catherine, it's true that little girls do this!) and I couldn't take credit for that one. 

However, this next one was all mine!


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