Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update Smorgasbord

It's been a busy few weeks but we're back at home with a new laptop and lots of great memories.  Here's some of the pics sitting around my computer from Amma and Papas visit and our trip to WY. 

Matthew took grandma and grandpa to the museum:

Matthew rocked out a bit:

And took Papa on lots and lots of walks to see the ducks and throw rocks:

Catherine did a lot of sleeping and making funny newborn sleeping faces:

And a little bit of time making faces at grandma and grandpa:

Before we headed to WY we headed up Hyalite Canyon to test out 2 car seats in the back of Dad's car.  Palisades Falls was gorgeous:

And while the falls were cool, unsurprisingly Matthew was more interested in throwing rocks in the water:

Matthew's a great little hiker and walked the entire way back on his own:

but he did hitch a ride on the way up while I pushed the stroller:

On Wednesday, Catherine had a slightly early 3 week check up.  She's doing well and gaining weight like a champ.  Then we headed south for the 4th of July.  It was wonderful as always with lots of family and friends (grandma had an entire tent city in her backyard!) 

A more complete 4 generations picture:

We couldn't stay for the annual explosion of various things on the night of the 4th but we did stay for the parade that morning before we headed out.  Matthew really enjoyed it and for the most part Catherine slept:

All in all I should have taken more pictures (especially some of our drive over Beartooth Pass) but mostly I was too busy hanging out on grandma's porch catching up with extended family and watching them love on my babies (and chase the wild one!), which is exactly what a holiday weekend should be.

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