Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Weekend with Mas and Pas!

Matthew had an excellent birthday with Mas and Pas.  On Thursday when given the choices of the park, the museum, splashing rocks or going for a hike, Matthew chose "da-doze" and "rogs" or dinosaurs and frogs so it was off to the museum we went.

After the frogs, Matthew did something unprecedented and headed toward the history section, so we obliged and checked out the wagons and planes and of course, the stairs to the house:

After nap, Matthew headed out with Mas and Pas and picked out his first trike.  He's pretty enthralled:

Then it was time for dinner and cake and someone was all smiles:

Since the boy is an animal lover we went with a farm theme cake and cupcakes.

Matthew chose the cow and dove right in

Who me?

Catherine wasn't too impressed with the festivities, nor would she sleep during them so she got lots of daddy time:

And besides the birthday boy, grandma and grandpa got some good time in with Catherine:

But as always, Catherine mostly slept this weekend, and was really cute when she woke up:

On Saturday, we went to the pool and then headed to the Missouri Headwaters for a picnic.  Matthew helped me gather wood:

And park the car:

And devour some s'mores:

Catherine mostly chilled out with grandma and enjoyed her first campfire:

Then we checked out the ranger talk on "Montana and the Civil War".  Catherine (and a few of the other elderly patrons out past their bedtimes) slept through it pretty well.  Matthew meanwhile walked up and down the hill, and then took grandma and grandpa up the hill when the talk was done.

All in all an excellent birthday weekend and an excellent visit with grandma and grandpa.  Hopefully they're having a ton of fun in the Tetons this week and we can't wait to see them next weekend.  In the meantime we're soaking up the last bit of summer this week and finding a place to put all his great new birthday presents.

* A special thanks to Grandpa Watson for some/many of these pics

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  1. Cousin Lillian :)August 01, 2011

    Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing. Did you make the cake? Adorable!!!


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