Monday, August 29, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."  ~Sam Keen

It was hot this weekend.  Now I realize we are blessed that we haven't been rocked by either an earthquake or hurricane but I'm not a graceful enough person to not complain about this heat.  It kinda reminds me of our first summer in Wyoming when I felt compelled to do things during the day/afternoon instead of get up early with grandma to do things and then rest and nap in the afternoon.  I'm still an idiot that way.  Somehow I missed both the "early bird" gene and the "common sense" gene my ancestors seemed to have.   In better news, my camera de-wonkified itself sometime over the weekend.  The current theory is that it's a cold temperature issue since I'd left it in my car overnight.  Who knows but it works again so I'm happy.

In the interest of potty training, heat and overall dog days laziness, my kids spent most of the weekend being cute in the buff. 

And then there were many pics that are impossible to modesty crop for the blog of Matthew giving Catherine hugs.  However, it definitely was not a one time photo op as this boy loves his sister and climbing all over her for hugs and kisses.  I'm not so certain however "love" is the exact expression on Catherine's face right now:

And of course he needed to play spider spider to Catherine's non-amusement:

And the kiss.  He has a little girlfriend (or two!) that enjoy giving him kisses and after a few months of freaking out and crying, he's warming up to the whole kissing thing and is now kinda obsessed with them.  Heaven help me. 

And finally the shot I was actually going for :-)  Catherine in her sweet and super soft onsie from Uncle Ed.  Soo cute. 

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