Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why do nice guys always finish last?

Uncle Ed came to visit and the Watsons are back! It also just so happens to be Sweet Pea Festival weekend. We thought Uncle Ed could help get the kids into marathons early so he took the kids with Daddy to participate in their first run. It was a very strenuous 1K along Bozeman's Main Street.

The runners had their numbers and were ready to go:

Here was the beginning of the race as the 10 and 12 year olds whizzed by, followed by a mass of kids, strollers, parents and pups:

And then definitely last of 1,000+ kids but certainly not least came our little man:

He did run quite a bit

but he was mostly distracted by, ummm, everything. Horses, dogs, planes, people, cheering, Ed's shadow etc.

When they passed us along the route Catherine gave up the stroller for her older brother in hopes he might finish the race before being run over by the parade looming in the background. Looks like she didn't mind one bit:

Matthew rode for a bit but walked over the finish line on his own. Their 37:49 pace probably won't go into Uncle Ed's race logs, but not bad for Matthew's first race. Then he came back to enjoy the parade with the rest of us:

And of course he enjoyed the parade treats:

Then we headed over to the park for Sweet Pea. Catherine chilled out in the shade:

While Matthew watched attentively

He also made some of his own art:

Though we wish they were here, it looks like my mom and dad were having a good time this weekend as well:

Summer may be short out West and way up North, but it certainly is sweet!

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