Sunday, September 25, 2011

Like Uncle Like Nephew

Uncle Matt sent a fun box of treats for the kids from his trip to Alaska.  When I saw the stuffed salmon I thought it'd be kinda fun to kinda get Matthew to recreate this picture (you know, because I clearly don't have enough to do in a concert week). 

This is as close as we got:

Thank goodness I didn't try any harder to set the scene because all Matthew really wanted to do with his fish was this:

Heaven help me when he actually does go fishing.

Catherine has recently discovered the awesomeness of the activity mat just like her brother did around this age.  Matthew always wants to join in!

So normally my work schedule averages out to 2 hours a day.  This past week it's been about 7 in addition to James and I undertaking another big adventure that we may or may not be able to share soon.  Yikes!  So glad our first concert ended successfully and I'm ready for a slower week at home and more time with the kids. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Low Key

This week was my first week back at my "full time" at work and it's been a rougher adjustment with 2.  Luckily, Matthew's jumped in to "help":

which mostly creates a new incentive to mop the kitchen but he's getting there.

Catherine's been joining me at work a little.  Tuesday she went to a tasting and here she is on Saturday helping put together some props for work, mostly by distracting everyone :-)  As my boss noted the other day "Catherine, it's very hard to listen to a word your mom has to say because you're so cute!"  I'm going to need to become super innovative at work if I have to compete with this cuteness for attention.  It's also finally cool enough for her to rock her new socks from Amma and Aunt Sharon which are crazy adorable on her:

It's no secret Matthew likes to go for walks but his new favorite thing is to take his tractor . . . for a walk. 

I guess sometimes even tractors get tired and need carried:

Thank goodness he doesn't have this one to throw around or we'd all be in trouble:

It's a good thing we're not still at grandma's with this John Deere:

And last but not least Matthew and his baby talk with Catherine:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cameras, Diaper, Kittens, Dads and Fishing (aka Stream of Consciousness to the extreme)

Camera 1. Me 0. I was in denial about my nice camera, but as it stands about 75% of the time, I get shots that are completely black. I'll have the camera guys look at it soon but in the meantime I've finally given in and switched cameras. My second favorite camera takes great outdoor shots but the flash is a bit slow, and toggling between movies/stills is a pain which makes it harder to capture this guy:

Matthew ran (streaked?) by tonight to celebrate after the potty. I hope this isn't the equivalent of yelling "insurmountable lead" for toddlers, but Matthew's completely diaper-free! Hooray!

Because of Matthew's non-stop energy it's just easier to get pics of him lying down and he definitely loves to lie down and give Catherine hugs. Somehow they still turn into action pics.

Catherine wasn't having any of it and pushed him away:

"Who me? *curtsy* Why I'd never push my brother away"

P.S. Thanks to Amma for the adorable tights. They were perfect for our chilly fall weather today!

And now for the stream of consciousness portion of the evening. I took this video of Catherine when Iris came by, then Catherine started "talking" about it:

Which reminded me of the line of this song where he talks about the little girl talking about her kittens, that makes me cry pretty much every time it's on the radio (thank you pregancy hormones) becaues I can only imagine that I wanted to talk about kittens non-stop instead of fish when dad was trying to get me to fish.

Which reminded me of these great pictures my dad scanned in for me a while ago and how I hope Catherine has awesome memories like this with James:

Which reminded me of another thing that made me cry this week, which was this list for dad's and daughters.

Which mostly just makes me so thankful that Catherine has such a great dad. Even though we'll likely outsource teaching her to fish to Uncle Matt and the great uncles, I know she and James will have their own special memories and activities. I think he's already trying to get her interested in football on Sundays :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Mornings

There's nothing better than waking up to this happy 3 month old in the morning:

We spent both Saturday and Sunday house hunting.  In the car(seats), out of the car(seats), up the steps, no touching, back to the car again and again.  We've seen some good, some bad and one that may well have been a swinger's lair at some point.  I think Matthew really enjoys looking at houses, running up and down the stairs, tap dancing on the hardwoods and evaluating the closets (they've all been "nice" - said with a Borat-ish accent).  When we get back in the car he always asks "one more?"  I'm glad he's enjoying it because I find it overwhelming and exhausting.  We're at least narrowing in on what we want but haven't found anything worth putting ink on the paper. However, the college guys 2 floors above having REALLY loud, REALLY dumb political discussions inbetween their bursts of music that shakes our wallhangings make homeownership seem nicer and nicer each day. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

I think his name was Steve

4 years ago today, I was sitting forehead to forehead with Grandma Jennie as she passed away.   I've composed this blog post about the events and emotions of that summer 4 years ago over and over and it's still too personal to share.  My thoughts and feelings are still jumbled messes, impossible to put into words between the needy (and boy were they needy today!) calls of my children.  What I am ready to share and should share more often is my thankfulness for the Hospice program where she was.  4 years later I'm still thankful for the ER nurse (Steve?) who nudged us in that direction, the right direction for grandma to pass in her own home as she had always wished, with the dignity she deserved and with the support for those who were left to grieve.   Mostly I just miss her.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sorry we've taken such a long blog break!  Between my camera being wonky, potty training and our first colds of the season, we've been a sad sight in this house!  Last week we had a great time at music class (and won a free fall session!), hiking with friends, golf, a nice dinner out with James' coworkers and more but the fun just couldn't quite be spread out through the weekend with two sniffly babies.  Our camping plans quickly turned to stay at home survival plans.  I didn't get many pics but here's a few that were lingering:

  Catherine enjoyed the scarf before it was time for her to conk out at music class last week:

Then over the weekend we did a little house hunting and perused some favorite parks and explored a few new parks in new neighborhoods.  The most exciting aspect of the weekend for Matthew however was still these guys:

Catherine as always chilled out and watched her crazy brother:

After some good days of half naked potty practice in the apartment we made it out of the house and back dry without diapers.  As Matthew would say, "Hooray!!"  The grossness of diapers, (including our cloth) never really bothered me but the ongoing toddler discussion of bodily functions in the house is about to make me crazy.  The whole thing has also reminded me of the Seinfeld episode about "good naked and bad naked".  Most of the time toddlers are cute naked but boy oh boy, as we were trying to Skype with family and Matthew was climbing all over, our poor families probably got way too much uncute naked.  Luckily we're past that phase for the most part and heading back into big boy underwear and pants just in time for cooler temps and for some splashing at the lake:

Matthew watched Daddy skip rocks and wanted to try.  His side arm still needs some work:

Matthew's also still figuring out his new camera.  Amma got him a Fisher-Price one and he loves it.  He still needs a little help getting his hands set but he loves to watch his pictures pop up on the screen.  The downside of the camera is that the delete button is not only easily accessible, it makes that fun computer-crumpling-paper noise so most pics he takes get deleted soon after.  I snagged the camera this time so I could share:

The dogs were less cooperative for Matthew's photo shoot:

Catherine's not too pleased with the idea of another photographer in the family!


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