Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cameras, Diaper, Kittens, Dads and Fishing (aka Stream of Consciousness to the extreme)

Camera 1. Me 0. I was in denial about my nice camera, but as it stands about 75% of the time, I get shots that are completely black. I'll have the camera guys look at it soon but in the meantime I've finally given in and switched cameras. My second favorite camera takes great outdoor shots but the flash is a bit slow, and toggling between movies/stills is a pain which makes it harder to capture this guy:

Matthew ran (streaked?) by tonight to celebrate after the potty. I hope this isn't the equivalent of yelling "insurmountable lead" for toddlers, but Matthew's completely diaper-free! Hooray!

Because of Matthew's non-stop energy it's just easier to get pics of him lying down and he definitely loves to lie down and give Catherine hugs. Somehow they still turn into action pics.

Catherine wasn't having any of it and pushed him away:

"Who me? *curtsy* Why I'd never push my brother away"

P.S. Thanks to Amma for the adorable tights. They were perfect for our chilly fall weather today!

And now for the stream of consciousness portion of the evening. I took this video of Catherine when Iris came by, then Catherine started "talking" about it:

Which reminded me of the line of this song where he talks about the little girl talking about her kittens, that makes me cry pretty much every time it's on the radio (thank you pregancy hormones) becaues I can only imagine that I wanted to talk about kittens non-stop instead of fish when dad was trying to get me to fish.

Which reminded me of these great pictures my dad scanned in for me a while ago and how I hope Catherine has awesome memories like this with James:

Which reminded me of another thing that made me cry this week, which was this list for dad's and daughters.

Which mostly just makes me so thankful that Catherine has such a great dad. Even though we'll likely outsource teaching her to fish to Uncle Matt and the great uncles, I know she and James will have their own special memories and activities. I think he's already trying to get her interested in football on Sundays :-)

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