Friday, September 9, 2011

I think his name was Steve

4 years ago today, I was sitting forehead to forehead with Grandma Jennie as she passed away.   I've composed this blog post about the events and emotions of that summer 4 years ago over and over and it's still too personal to share.  My thoughts and feelings are still jumbled messes, impossible to put into words between the needy (and boy were they needy today!) calls of my children.  What I am ready to share and should share more often is my thankfulness for the Hospice program where she was.  4 years later I'm still thankful for the ER nurse (Steve?) who nudged us in that direction, the right direction for grandma to pass in her own home as she had always wished, with the dignity she deserved and with the support for those who were left to grieve.   Mostly I just miss her.

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