Sunday, September 25, 2011

Like Uncle Like Nephew

Uncle Matt sent a fun box of treats for the kids from his trip to Alaska.  When I saw the stuffed salmon I thought it'd be kinda fun to kinda get Matthew to recreate this picture (you know, because I clearly don't have enough to do in a concert week). 

This is as close as we got:

Thank goodness I didn't try any harder to set the scene because all Matthew really wanted to do with his fish was this:

Heaven help me when he actually does go fishing.

Catherine has recently discovered the awesomeness of the activity mat just like her brother did around this age.  Matthew always wants to join in!

So normally my work schedule averages out to 2 hours a day.  This past week it's been about 7 in addition to James and I undertaking another big adventure that we may or may not be able to share soon.  Yikes!  So glad our first concert ended successfully and I'm ready for a slower week at home and more time with the kids. 

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