Sunday, September 18, 2011

Low Key

This week was my first week back at my "full time" at work and it's been a rougher adjustment with 2.  Luckily, Matthew's jumped in to "help":

which mostly creates a new incentive to mop the kitchen but he's getting there.

Catherine's been joining me at work a little.  Tuesday she went to a tasting and here she is on Saturday helping put together some props for work, mostly by distracting everyone :-)  As my boss noted the other day "Catherine, it's very hard to listen to a word your mom has to say because you're so cute!"  I'm going to need to become super innovative at work if I have to compete with this cuteness for attention.  It's also finally cool enough for her to rock her new socks from Amma and Aunt Sharon which are crazy adorable on her:

It's no secret Matthew likes to go for walks but his new favorite thing is to take his tractor . . . for a walk. 

I guess sometimes even tractors get tired and need carried:

Thank goodness he doesn't have this one to throw around or we'd all be in trouble:

It's a good thing we're not still at grandma's with this John Deere:

And last but not least Matthew and his baby talk with Catherine:

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