Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sorry we've taken such a long blog break!  Between my camera being wonky, potty training and our first colds of the season, we've been a sad sight in this house!  Last week we had a great time at music class (and won a free fall session!), hiking with friends, golf, a nice dinner out with James' coworkers and more but the fun just couldn't quite be spread out through the weekend with two sniffly babies.  Our camping plans quickly turned to stay at home survival plans.  I didn't get many pics but here's a few that were lingering:

  Catherine enjoyed the scarf before it was time for her to conk out at music class last week:

Then over the weekend we did a little house hunting and perused some favorite parks and explored a few new parks in new neighborhoods.  The most exciting aspect of the weekend for Matthew however was still these guys:

Catherine as always chilled out and watched her crazy brother:

After some good days of half naked potty practice in the apartment we made it out of the house and back dry without diapers.  As Matthew would say, "Hooray!!"  The grossness of diapers, (including our cloth) never really bothered me but the ongoing toddler discussion of bodily functions in the house is about to make me crazy.  The whole thing has also reminded me of the Seinfeld episode about "good naked and bad naked".  Most of the time toddlers are cute naked but boy oh boy, as we were trying to Skype with family and Matthew was climbing all over, our poor families probably got way too much uncute naked.  Luckily we're past that phase for the most part and heading back into big boy underwear and pants just in time for cooler temps and for some splashing at the lake:

Matthew watched Daddy skip rocks and wanted to try.  His side arm still needs some work:

Matthew's also still figuring out his new camera.  Amma got him a Fisher-Price one and he loves it.  He still needs a little help getting his hands set but he loves to watch his pictures pop up on the screen.  The downside of the camera is that the delete button is not only easily accessible, it makes that fun computer-crumpling-paper noise so most pics he takes get deleted soon after.  I snagged the camera this time so I could share:

The dogs were less cooperative for Matthew's photo shoot:

Catherine's not too pleased with the idea of another photographer in the family!


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