Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Busy.  That pretty much describes our past 2 weeks.   James and I put our first offer in on a house, only to be outbid.  As much as we're theoretically just casually looking at houses, we've missed out on 2 other great houses at great prices while we dilly-dallied so we've stepped up the home search a bit.  We went last Friday without the kids and somehow it took us even longer to see 5 houses than with the kids.  Crazy.

Catherine's working on rolling over, pulling up on her activity mat and wiggling all over.  She also has had two teeth pop through, but they're pretty far back.  Hopefully they'll either finishing coming in real fast so she can rock a true vampire look for Halloween, or they'll take their time so her front teeth can catch up.  She's also developed this high pitched squeal/squawk that's mostly happy but is own beast when we're out an about.

Matthew's language is developing fast and furious which is exciting to watch though it's often so exciting for him he struggles to get the words out.   He also LOVES his music class which is a lot of fun on Monday nights and I enjoy watching how he follows Ms Rachel's directions.    However, he's also going through a rough (literally) phase where he's just all over the cats, Catherine and me which combined with his constant testing of boundaries is both frustrating and exhausting on a daily basis.
Here's pictures of Catherine just being cute:

The kids modeled their new PJs from Uncle Matt's Alaska Adventure.  Catherine is never as thrilled as Matthew is for picture time:

And things especially devolve when Matthew asks for Catherine to sit in his lap:

In other exciting news we picked up a play kitchen the other day.  Unfortunately we have yet to pick up some pots and pans so Matthew has taken to cooking his farm animals - still in his very OCD, straight line style.  At least the goofball always knocks before opening the doors.

And here's some excess geekery from reading too much Star Wars ABCs.   At first I thought he was just identifying the fonts on the back of the book but it's pretty much all W's and U's, written and spoken are Wookies and Ugnaughts.  I'm not sure if this is better or worse than when he was just calling them bears and pigs.

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