Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Fall Fun

We took the kids to the Pumpkin patch again.  Unlike last year (when we waited until the day before Halloween and there were no pumpkins!) there were plenty of pumpkins, kids and activity!  Catherine is fascinated by her toes and when she's not plotting how to get a hold of them or get them into her mouth, she's doing this:

And though Matthew had a great time, he couldn't take much time out of his busy schedule for pictures:

He did, however, pick out 2 very nice pumpkins for us.  In case you were wondering, they were definitely heavy much like, well, everything the boy picks up.

We even caught a cattle drive on our way out!

And here's Matthew's pumpkin he painted:

Which of course also needed "sprinkles"

The final product:

And just because, some more cuteness with Catherine rocking Matthew's hand-me-downs. Go Pokes!

And because we can't get enough owls in this house:

And some more sibling picture attempts in their new Halloween outfits from Amma and Papa:

And Matthew's attempt at sitting on Catherine's lap:

And last but not least (if you're not hip to the facebook) we are under contract on a house!  It's definitely got some quirks that we'll probably share later on but for right now I'm dreaming of cooking Christmas dinner in this kitchen:

If all goes well we'll close in early December!  I'm not quite certain how I'll adjust to a kitchen where I can't reach everything from one place, but I think I'll manage.

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