Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yes, it really is

that red . . . Catherine's hair that is!  This is one of the questions I get most on the phone with our families. 

Before Bath:

Just chillin' in a mostly modest pose:

When he's in the bath by himself Matthew love his bath crayons, but when Catherine's there he loves to help:

He's really good at helping keep her toes clean.  This is good because she certainly likes to grab them and put them in her mouth!

After Bath:

We had planned to go to the museum Saturday morning since it was raining but Catherine decided to take a super long nap and since I messed up her naps all week I figured we'd go ahead and both enjoy it.  Matthew unfortunately is now old enough to understand our planning and kept asking for Big Mike all day.  An afternoon trip turned out perfect and we wandered a bit around the grounds:

Meanwhile Catherine conked out:

And since it's cooler out it was time to bust out some of Matthew's old and warmer clothes for Catherine.  Here are the kids both rocking the woodland animal fleece sleeper, though Matthew was one month younger when he fit into it:

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