Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Around the House Cuteness

Attack of the 50 foot baby!! 

Some belated pics of Matthew carving pumpkins (yeah, he spends at least half of his day pantsless.  He's decided he'd rather not have help at the potty.  He does a great job taking clothes off, but not such a great job putting them on.  I'm just happy we're done with diapers so I'll take pantsless pumpkin carving if needed):

Some of my favorite clothes of Matthew's were these woodland animal sets.  However, to the rest of the world brown and woodland animals clearly mean boy.  It doesn't bother Catherine (or me) but I always get the disapproving look of "why don't you dress her like a girl".  Maybe this brown hair bow will help:

How adorable is this girl?

Now that we've hit winter and are inside a lot more, it's so hard to get a picture of Matthew where it's not blurry because he's moving 90 miles an hour (as anyone who Skypes with us witnesses).   So far, everytime we've gotten a balloon he's freaked out about it being tied to his arm and he doesn't want anything do to with it.  He also freaks out over them in the car.  What we then do is generally put it under a jacket in the van, forget about it and let them enjoy a shrivel-ly death. We finally remembered to bring one in and the boy LOVES it. 


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