Saturday, November 19, 2011

Travel and Trouble

Friday night we arrived safely in Virginia.  First, if anyone at Frontier Airlines is stalking their social media and finds this, feel free to contact me about the million ways you failed to provide adequate customer service for my travel this weekend.  Some of us try very hard to schedule "good" flights for our kids and FYI, direct to DC is very different than direct, with a stop in Omaha where you not only have to deplane but take all your crap off the plane for just long enough to be annoying but not long enough for a toddler to run out of energy.  Also, the extra hour of no potty, no Ipad, take off and landing in the middle and the lack of food service on the first leg didn't help either, in addition to our paying for extra leg room and direct TV and receiving neither.   Luckily, someone's a pretty happy traveler all things considered, and her brother didn't do too badly either and actually took a nap on the plane!:

Anyway, before we left, life got a little crazy.  I had a big work fundraiser, we had to find a new nanny (who is awesome but it's been a transition) and well, Matthew hasn't been on his best behavior.  He doesn't handle change real well (new shoes are probably more stressful than the SATs in our house) so I think everything is just getting to him.  A friend of mine mentioned that she'd read the more difficult times for kids are the first half of each year (0-6mos. etc.)  This has totally been true for Matthew and 2-2.5 has been a dousy so far.    Much of his mis-behavior will be the things we laugh at in a year, but it's driving me crazy as it occurs. 

First, he's discovered the joy of the fridge and helping himself to whatever he wants in the fridge.  Here I believe he had made himself a cup of yogurt.  Ugh.  However, the other day he woke up at 2:30a to potty.  Annoying, but no big deal.  Then, about 3ish James came out to find him sitting on the floor drinking a cup of coffee creamer.  Ugh.   When he gets things out he's very good about putting them back, wiping up his messes and even putting his empties on the trash can but seriously, the surprise half cups of coffee creamer laying around the house are making me crazy and he only does it when I'm busy with Catherine or you know, trying to pee by myself so I rarely catch him in the act. 

Second, though potty training is going well-ish we've had some hiccups. Matthew's starting to insist he take his pants off (oh yeah, and socks and shirt most often) and put them back on himself.  This stubbornness has led to a lot of accidents if he can't make it in time or freak outs when I insist on helping.  He's also been exercising the word "no" about going potty whenever there's anything more interesting going on which is making me crazy as well, but I guess a little regression is to be expected.  It is at least incredibly amusing watching him put on his "trains" by himself since most of the time both legs end up on one side. 


Other not so fun 2.5 year old behaviors have been throwing, tackling the cats, pounding/tapping/drumming on everything and don't get me started on the bedtime/nap stalling.  Combined with his excessively loud voice and incessant talking, my sanity is often hanging by a thread.  I found this cute poem on pinterest the other day and I try to remember how quickly time is moving but somedays are harder than others when you've had to say "Matthew, we don't put our underwear on June's head" for what feels like the billionth time.

All those things aside, we're very happy to be in Virginia with family and friends and lots of extra hands to play with the kids.  Even though they got to spend all day with the kids I've taken some heat for my blog slacking from my loving family so I'm taking advantage of the extra hands and no work to catch up.  I've also been having fun with papa's nice camera and enjoying the pics he's been taking. 

Hanging with Uncle Matt:

And playing in the leaves with Papa:

Hanging out with Mas:

And Uncle John:

And just cuteness:

And some kisses and smiles with grandpa:

We had a great evening with friends and weekend with family as well as some more great things planned for the visit, so I'm working on enjoying every second.

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