Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It's good to be home. Between the travel across Virginia, the lack of sleep and the general exhaustion I definitely woke up our first morning in Montana confused about where I was (or maybe I just was wishing I could blame someone else for the disaster that was the room I was sleeping in!) We had a fantastic time and squeezed a lot of visiting in! Matt and Mas and Pas generously hosted a few dinners and parties so we could see as many people as possible and Amma and Pappa logged a lot of hours in the car to see our family the grandkids :-) We are very blessed that our families get along and were willing to both join us for a few outings.

We did our black Friday nerd-style with a trip to the Air and Space Museum. Matthew and Uncle John got to check out this plane:
And he had a ton of fun with Uncle Matt and Uncle Ed:

Fun with Matt's sunglasses:
The Watson Clan:
The Pozun Clan:
Then on Saturday we headed to the zoo. It was crazy crowded (though everything seems crowded compared to home) but the kids seemed to enjoy it amidst the chaos.
Though Matthew's favorites were definitely the small mammals. It was a little less crowded and he could get nose to nose with the animals. He was especially fond of the meerkats.
We also headed out to Clemnjontryi Park. Matthew may have stayed there forever if we would have let him.
However, the second try on the carousel was not overly successful and I wouldn't say he enjoyed it. However, if you ask him about the experience he likes to talk about the horse that went up and down and round and round. Go figure!
We're busy closing, moving and working this week but I'll try and slowly share some of my other favorite shots from our trip.

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