Sunday, December 18, 2011

hello world

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do but after we got back from Virginia, we closed on our new house on the 8th, I had a concert the 9th-11th, Amma arrived on the 10th and we then spent a week with locksmiths, electricians, cable guys, fridge deliveries and finally on the 16th, the movers with all of our big stuff. 
The above picture might epitomize the whole week - a smiling grandma loving on my babies, a pants-less son with wet sleeves from lord knows what, a daughter in a pumpkin outfit because I'm not sure where the rest of her clothes are and some miscellaneous things from various boxes that need put away in the background. 

5 weeks ago I said that my kids just needed to stay healthy until we finished moving and like clockwork they both got sick on Friday evening.  I'm blaming the germs Catherine picked up at her 6 month well check (holy crap!  how did that happen so soon!).  Otherwise, she's healthy and happy and a perfect almost 15 lbs, about 5 or so less than her brother at this milestone.  In other news she's moving and grooving around like crazy, scooting all kinds of places and up on her knees testing out crawling.  Much like her brother she chose the week we were moving to gain mobility.  Awesome.   So far we haven't lost her under too many pieces of furniture.  Matthew's not too jazzed she can now "chase" his toys  so we're working on that.  

Mom's been here for over a week (and been a HUGE help) and these are the only pictures I took since today may have been the first day my camera and batteries were not buried under mountains of crud but she's been doing a lot of loving on these kids. 

Speaking of Matthew's fun, here's a pic he took all by himself - not too bad:
And these which are awesome in their own way:



Hopefully we'll get to decking the halls soon as I don't know that we've done anything Christmas-y with Matthew at all between our vacation and the move.  Tonight I decided we'd test out our new craigslist couch with some cider and watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  Matthew wasn't really interested in "santa", presents, trees or decorations, but he did spend the whole time worrying about the puppy. 

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Amma and in just a few days welcome Mas, Pas, Uncle Ed and Uncle John!  If you want to take a peek at what the house looked like with the renter's stuff in it, I have some random photos (mostly taken because I was scoping out closet space) here. 


  1. Ok, your house looks awesome! Congrats - although you are now yet another friend of whom I have major house envy :) Enjoy, and I hope you have many happy years full of wonderful memories there. - Abbe

  2. Thanks Abbe. We're so happy to be out of the tiny apartment we can hardly stand it!


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