Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Down

We're still coming down from our post-holiday, post-moving, post-houseguests high over here.  We're seeking out new rhythms in the house, reconnecting with friends who got lost amidst the chaos of November/December and slowing down a bit.   Matthew discovered the "Elmo button" on my new printer and decided he had to color.  We picked him up a train table for the downstairs living room that does double duty as a craft table in the craft/geneaology/sewing/office/messy room.

 Some awesome post-owl hat head after we went out to shovel snow, complete with goofy toddler grin. 
 And speaking of grins, this little girl is full of them.  Her first tooth officially broke the surface so this gummy smile is on its way to a toothy mouthful. 
 Matthew couldn't help but want to hold her in his lap as always.  I love our big picture window and all the light in the upstairs living room but it's a bit too much light for taking pictures on the loveseats.
 And speaking of more mouthfuls, Catherine is rocking the solids.  Not surprisingly, she's a huge prime rib fan but will also tear into asparagus and broccoli like its nobody's business.
 We all received very generous gifts this year and the kids absolutely love their gifts.  Matthew is a big fan of his turtle light and the stars from Uncle Matt.
Some gratuitous video of Catherine moving and groovin' and Matthew showing off his turtle:

 Catherine's also a huge fan of her kitchen from Mas and Pas. 
We have lots more gifts to share and thank yous to send maybe some pictures of the house as we get settled but for now its time for bed.  The kids started their new daycare today (part-time nannies are hard to keep part-time) and I switched up my work schedule to 2 full days a week instead of two halves and a full.   Anyway, 2012's off to a great start and I think even Catherine agrees and wants to tell you about it.  Happy New Year!

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