Thursday, January 19, 2012


For our weather stalkers out there, you may have noticed we've had a "90 or 100%" chance of snow the past few days.  The bare grass in our yard begs to differ.  On Sunday we did get a few inches which promptly blew away on Tuesday with some 40+ mph winds.  Luckily we got our firewood delivered on Monday so we could cozy up the house with an inaugural fire:
While the kids cuddled up to read (and eat) books:
Meanwhile Catherine has her first (maybe second?) cold.  She's been congested and not sleeping but nothing so bad we've had to head into the pediatrician but we did hold off on daycare on Tuesday.  *Knock on wood* we'll be far healthier than last winter and unlike her brother, every cold won't bring on bronchitis for her. 

Otherwise it's more of the same old, same old.  Someone's always interested in working on his art:

and someone else is moving and grooving around the house and now up on her knees rocking a lot, but not crawling.  Her scooting is more than plenty for me to keep track of so hopefully she'll hold off on the full crawl for a while but she's pretty determined:

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