Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Photo Friday

My big project this week was working on the craft/office room.  It is far from organized and at the state where I want it but I at least got most of it sorted to "like with like".    It's a smaller room right off the family/play room that houses a large table (temporary desk), my "project" shelves, our arts/craft supply shelves, a small folding table for crafts/cutting, and a small sewing table.  Then the closet space houses this, my embarassingly messy genealogy stuff:

 Boxes of photos, memories, scraps of paper from grandma and more.  There are multiple schools of thought with regards to "archives" and leaving them in original order but as grandma was a pile-er instead of file-er and when I rearranged some stuff around the house I'd already screwed up original order so now that I have some space I'm sorting like with like.  The first pile I started on came from the buffet in the kitchen and was full of pictures my parents, aunt and uncles had sent to grandma as well as some more recent pictures of hers.  Here were a few of my favorites because they were taken of (Uncle) Matt and I at about the same ages Catherine and Matthew are now:

 Apparently I had a sad pilgrim phase too:
And Sharon sent grandma a lot of great pictures of her family growing up but here's been my absolute favorite thus far:

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