Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mad Scientist

I woke up to this gleaming through the windows today.   And yes, it was a commercial-level in your face sunrise streaming in to wake me up . . . but mostly because we have yet to put up curtains.  Great for catching mornings like this on the balcony, not so great for modesty and not creeping out the neighbors.  Luckily there's a big tree outside so I pretend that provides cover for the moment.  I'm kinda intimidated by curtains etc. and have a terrible eye for it.  If someone wants to come do it for me it's all yours!

For whatever reason, both kids have been sleeping in until 7:30ish this week and I'm certainly enjoying waking up more often to the sun than the screaming.  This would be mega-awesome if 2 days of the week I didn't need them up and out the door around 7:30a but we'll figure that out eventually.   However, today was one of those days where it just didn't matter so Catherine sat around this morning munching on apples:
 While Matthew and I did some experimenting.  While I reorganized my baking cabinet, I let Matthew go wild with some cornstarch and red water:
 Closely inspecting:
 It took him a while to enjoy the true fun of oobleck as he's not the biggest fan of new textures so he definitely preferred his mix soupy and kept asking for more water, but once he got started he went to town exploring, pouring and dropping:
 Showing off his goopy hands:
All in all, not a bad start to the day.   I'm going to pretend both kids are napping now (though I can hear Matthew playing with his doorstop) and make headway on my craft room.  Also, after 2+ years of google owning the blogging, video and photo platforms I use online they've finally made them work together in a sensible manner making blogging with pics/video 1,000 times easier.  Huzzah!  No promise of more posts in the future but the process is finally as streamlined as I've thought it should be for a while. 

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