Thursday, February 23, 2012

All About Catherine

 Catherine is pulling herself up like crazy and into everything.
 And pretty darn pleased with herself:
One of her favorite places to practice is in Matthew's book bins before his nap.   She likes to pick out the books and then Matthew insists on reading those exact books so she'll stop touching them.  Oh the joys of siblings. 

Oddly enough, this means she spends even more time in her chair than before since she's much harder to keep track of and out of mischief.  She joined her brother for a little color mixing the other day.  I don't think she was impressed with the colors but loved to chase down the ice cubes.  I could pretend this is some great educational plan with colors and tactile experiences I have for her, but mostly I needed to get dinner made and left to her own devices she heads straight for the pets' water bowl.  I figured this was slightly more socially acceptable, even if she's doing the same thing.
 Too bad we haven't mastered socially acceptable table manners.  She's found her reflection in the door behind her and likes to turn around and take a peek at herself during dinner.   She's back to her varied diet and eager to demolish everything we put down for her.  Too bad her brother's not going through the same phase. 
 Here she is rocking the adorable hat our neighbor made for her!  At age 7 she totally kicks my butt in the arts/crafts/creativity category.  She knits and competes on fiddle!
 And an awesome mohawk and bath after a long day.
I may have mentioned before but unlike Matthew (now or at 8 months) Catherine has a very quite laugh and she doesn't share it as freely as Matthew but it's just as sweet when you can find it:

Which you can compare to this video of Matthew at 5.5 months to see just how different they are. 

My goal for next week is to reassess my "real" camera situation and get (working)cameras, batteries and memory cards back in the rotation.  I love that I (almost) always have my phone on me to snap a picture or video so I catch a lot more little moments (and it makes it crazy easy to upload/share), but the quality of the photos is mediocre indoors and I'd to at least be able to print a decent 4x6 one day. 

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