Monday, February 20, 2012

Bear Suits, Bunnies and Baby Mischief

It's been another crazy week (or two?) in the dead of cold/cough season in our house.  Last Thursday Catherine was diagnosed with her first ear infection and today, Matthew was diagnosed with his umm, seemingly billionth. 

Through it all both kids have been troopers.  Catherine is such a chill kid (check her chillin' as a bear below) her "crankiness" is less of a fuss and more like a "mom, I'm a little uncomfortable":

 We got another good dusting of snow.  Not the right snow for "snowman day" but plenty of snow for romping:
 And chomping:
Speaking of chomping, Catherine's figured out how to pull her self up in the crib:
And on her kitchen:
And while helping Mommy reorganize the linen closet:
She's also been working on clapping and is generally pretty excited about everything.  She's all over the place and into and onto everything.  Thank goodness she's so cute because she's exhausting!
Saturday we headed out to the winter fair.  Matthew asked if we were going to see a farmer about 50 billion times between our house and the fairgrounds.  I don't remember exactly who/what he saw but he was eventually content with having seen a farmer.  We then checked out the petting zoo and he got to hold a rabbit.  This was a huge step as the last few times we've been he had no interest in the animals. 
 Though he still likes the animals that can't surprise him and move too much.
 And he was pretty jazzed to see the model trains again:

And some joint art work.  I drew the triangle and part of an antenna but Matthew did the rest.  He's been doing a lot more independent drawing which is a great relief for me because after a promising start, we went for a long stretch when his only art interests were: 1) Mommy/Daddy draw this for me 2) let me rub paint all over my belly and up my arms and  3) play-doh is tasty.   Oh yeah, and that's a praying mantis below which makes it far more impressive than if it were supposed to be a smiley face :-)

I'm sure Olivia is thinking (a la the cat in Homeward Bound) "Cats Rule and Dogs Drool".  I expect her to upgrade to the big bed anytime and kick both dogs back into the little one.

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