Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Photo Birthday

 Happy Birthday (with a very late posting) Uncle Matt!   Matthew wanted to wish him a "happy Matt":

I dug up these pictures in your honor.  I'd never seen this one before and I won't lie, it cracks me up.  I think it's the hospital gown that gives dad a crazy jesus type look, but Matt's super tiny and adorable!
And his photo progression from grandma's frames B.G. (before glasses).  I'm pretty certain that's about when both our pictures get real awkward :-)  Maybe I'll make those the tribute next year!

 I absolutely love this expression!
 And when Matthew saw this one he said "Matthew!!"  (though I think this is one picture where he looks least like his nephew/uncle (depending on how you want to interpret all the Matthews in this sentence!)
 And I thought Uncle Matt would appreciate this one because I was so happy to find this picture.  This was the coolest toy EVER!  If I remember correctly John and Don picked up this old boat one visit to grandma's and hauled it into the field and filled it with sand.  It was the coolest sandbox ever.  Uncle Matt already knows helping us replicate this might be expected of him one visit to Montana, because, you know, that's what uncles do in my world (though vehicle type is negotiable) :-)

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