Thursday, February 9, 2012


 We celebrated James' birthday this week.  

So Matthew talked and I talked about how much he loves daddy:

Matthew was super excited because when you're two, birthday = cupcakes and cupcakes are something worth telling every little old lady in Safeway about.  (literally.)  Matthew started by frosting the cupcakes
but couldn't keep from eating the frosting so he was put on sprinkle patrol.
 Catherine was content to just eat the ribbon.

She's still on a starch and yogurt diet, but she is in better spirits than earlier this week and doesn't seem to mind missing out on cupcakes:

 All in all not a bad day.  In other exciting news its musical beds in our house.  It should be a big black dog in a big black bed:
 and a little white dog in a little white bed:
 But some days we end up with both dogs in the little white bed:

 Or sometimes even a baby and cat:

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