Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Life

It seems both kids are in very fun yet very tough stages.  Matthew's language is developing like crazy all while his independent streak keeps on growing and he's a classic toddler whose emotions know no bounds (yet).  When he's happy he's over the moon and can melt the coldest of hearts but when he's unhappy, hell hath no fury like a toddler scorned.  He's also decided Catherine isn't all that bad and enjoys getting a reaction out of her.  Here he is reading to her:
 And giving headbumps:

He's now just as excited about her "crawling" as we are and is trying to help:

His imaginative play is also taking off (hence our coat tree "tree" of earlier).  He's taken to pretend cooking, setting up stories with his farm animals and more.  He had a whole lot to tell me during bath the other night:

As well as sometimes often doing head scratching things like running in circles for no reason or this:

Catherine's also still mostly grins and spends much of her day vocalizing and a combination of rocking on her hands and knees and seal flopping around the house, or being super cute after bath:
She's also at the stage where her wild hand gestures during dinner make her the dogs' best friend.

It's also been fun watching her inch toward pulling herself up and starting to climb on James and I's legs. 
And last but not least, from the photographic genius that is my son, a wildebeest, I think.  I took Matthew antique-ing in our quest for an armoire but he was more interested in visiting (and photographing) the dead animals.   Good times.

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