Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The one where I'm that mom

I had a concert this weekend and conversation around the house has revolved around a certain little one's tummy troubles so there's not much fun to share.  Therefore this post shall contain a brief discussion of baby illness, mommy whining about how they grow up so fast and some toddler bragging.  You have been warned. 

  Long story short, we  thought that the antibiotics I took (that didn't help my cough) caused Catherine some tummy troubles.  Apparently rocking the toast/yogurt diet wasn't enough:

and after I thought things were getting better, they took a turn for the worse last night and it's definitely not just a reaction to the antibiotics.  The only upside to my "up every 90 minutes all night routine" is that my normally independent sleeper is up for a bit more cuddling and I'm taking advantage of our new phones to capture it.  As she's preparing to pull up and cruise around I realize how fleeting her babyhood is:
And just so Matthew's not left out, here's a video of him playing "letters."  It's amazing what he picks up.  The other day as he was babbling on about something in the car and I kept hearing "yellow A" or "red R" and sure enough he was pointing out letters on the stores downtown.  He has a few ABC books (most notably his Star Wars one) and all of a sudden it's just clicked and he's spelling out all the words he sees and "reading" letters all over the place.  The video is stupid long compared to most of my clips and the sound is unbalanced but here's one of Matthew's favorite games: 
As cool as the mom in me thinks this is, the teacher in me knows that learning letter names is barely a blip on the radar of lifelong learning.  What I really hope we're teaching him is to love literature, exploring, observing and questioning, none of which are happening in this silly game.  

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