Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yay Violins!

This about sums it up.  Matthew was pretty jazzed to go to the Symphony this weekend.  Here's the extended discussion we had about the violins:

And Matthew and Catherine afterwards with SuperMaestro!  Apparently a potty break interrupted Matthew's ability to stay for the whole show with daddy but he enjoyed what he saw.  This year's theme was heroes and villians and it was awesome!  Unfortunately Matthew knows that at Mommy's work behind the scenes there are often treats (and a wagon) so once he saw me carrying cookies in a wagon, the violin excitement waned a bit.
Otherwise Sunday was (in Matthew's words) " heavy snowman day".  Matthew's been obsessed with snowmen for a while and we just haven't had enough but thought we'd give it the good old college try on Sunday.  James tried his best to help Matthew build a "heavy" snowman but it just wasn't the right snow so they made a "tiny" snowman (aka snow pile) and Matthew helped scoop instead. 
 And then came in for some cocoa and reading the newspaper:

(The men "working" were actually in an article on joblessness so we're not filling out the Harvard apps yet :-) 
And some just randomness.  First, James has discovered that Catherine likes to lean on my shoulder and say hi!
 And rocking her cute Valentine's outfit from Amma:
 And some yogurt painting:
 Well, eating for Catherine with some color mixing on her face.
And Matthew and I experimented played with some primary color mixing:
And Matthew describing what a train does:

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