Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching Up

This post will be epically long because I've been taking a lot of mediocre phone pictures and not posting regularly.  Catherine's on the mend but we've been taking it easy around the house and getting outside as much as possible with some nice days.  Matthew and Catherine are still working on sharing, which most often looks like a)Matthew taunting Catherine with a toy and then taking it from her or b) Matthew taking a toy from Catherine and giving her a less cool toy or new to the mix this week c) Catherine taking a toy from Matthew and Matthew either freaking out of taking it right back.  Though they look like they're playing nicely, Catherine's definitely got her eye on Matthew's plane:

 Other things they are not always great about sharing is lap space.

 But both agreed daddy needed some dental work:
 One of my favorite parts of the day is Matthew and I's post dinner walk around the neighborhood.  He gets to take two of his dinosaurs and we run/walk/roar around the block.  It's always a big decision which two of his three dinosaurs go with us.  This time it was "tops" and "patasaurus" (who I originally called Brontosaurus so we've spent this week renaming him to the more accurate Apatasaurus.
 And of course watching the kids in the bathtub.  Catherine's a big fan of the bubbles and bath toys:
 But mostly because she likes to eat them:
 And speaking of eating, here's a random photo of Catherine rocking a Hitler 'stache:
And Matthew and his giraffe.  We were still sitting at the table eating and Matthew made it all by himself and brought it over to show us.  I was pretty proud until he started to slowly "eat" the giraffe.  Ugh.  Toddlers.
Both kids right now are huge fans of mixed veggies which is nice because it gives me a quick, easy and healthy go-to side.  Catherine eats them by the handful and Matthew's been known to go help himself to more.  In this instance James and I were commenting about how much Catherine had eaten and how she was all out.  Matthew saw this as a call to action and stopped his lego eating to fish out any remaining vegetables from the dish in the kitchen and deliver them three at a time to Catherine.

When I picked Matthew up from daycare on Friday he was pretty proud of his shamrock and his "leprechaun kissed" toes.  Here he is trying to show the camera for a picture:
And success with a little help from mommy:

Both kids were rocking cute St. Patrick's Day shirts from Amma and Papa but this is a pretty good illustration of what I got when I tried to get a picture of both:
 Catherine's cuteness tripled when we added her bear jacket to go run errands. 
I felt the bow was an appropriate addition since all she has are Matthew's hand-me-downs:

As we try and round out Matthew's dino collection before the $1 dinos disappear from the store I picked up some things for the kids Easter baskets.  This is the first year we've had to be sneaky with Matthew but Catherine took the chance to try out one of her presents:

In the meantime we rounded out our St. Patrick's day celebration with some more playdoh and monster making.  Here's Matthew's monster:

And trying to show off his shamrock:
(Holding it up for the camera)
Playdoh brings about some very philosophical discussions with Matthew as he tries to test his limits. 
Matthew: "We throw balls."
Me: "Yes, we can throw balls."
Matthew "Throw playdoh?"
Me: "No, we can't throw playdoh."
Matthew: "Throw balls?"  (holds up ball of playdoh)
Me: "No, we can't throw playdoh"
Matthew: "No.  Ball.  Throw Balls."
Me: "It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?"

And some random videos.  Here's Matthew explaining what happened to his red balloon and how it popped:
And Catherine rocking her super nerd diaper (it has all kinds of scientific and mathematical equations on it) and showing off her crazy mobility:
And if you ever want to experience a day in the life of the Watsons, just put turn your speakers way up and set this to repeat about 35 times a day. 

And last but not least Matthew "reading" The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  For 2 years Matthew showed no interest in this book, which was a slight tragedy because we somehow ended up with about 7 copies.  However, now it's one of his favorites:

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